That's what I can do :neckbeard:

  • help: Shows the help message with available commands.
  • hello: Says hello to the invoker.
  • thank you: Replies with you are welcome message to the invoker.
  • appveyor <type>: Runs the AppVeyor build for the target commit and/or pull request.
    • type: [required] Specifies if should trigger a build in a commit or pull request.
  • bump version <version> <project>: Bumps the .NET version in .csproj files.
    • version: [required] The .NET version
    • project: [optional] The .csproj file to update. Suppressing this parameter will run the command in all .csproj in the repository/branch.
  • change runner <runner> <workflow> <jobs>: Changes the GitHub action runner in a workflow file (.yml).
    • runner: [required] The runner's name
    • workflow: [required] The workflow filename (with or without the .yml/.yaml extension).
    • jobs: [optional] The jobs to apply this command. Suppressing this parameter will run the command in all jobs within the workflow.
  • csharpier: Formats the C# code using CSharpier (only for .NET projects).
  • fix csproj: Updates the .csproj file with packages.config version of NuGet packages (only for .NET Framework projects).
  • prettier: Formats the code using Prettier.
  • review: Enable review for the target pull request. This is useful when the PR submitter wasn't on the watch list, the webhook was not captured, or some failed scenario occurred.
  • track: Tracks the specified pull request. Queue a build, raise a dependabot recreate comment to resolve conflicts, and synchronize merge branches.

Multiple commands can be issued at the same time. Just respect each command pattern (with bot name prefix + command).


If you aren't allowed to use this bot, a reaction with a thumbs down will be added to your comment.

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